Book one

Stitches (Jen Conrad)

Jen deals with widowhood, financial dependence, societal pressures, and domestic violence. If any readers can identify with her life and her problems, I recommend a visit to any hospice organization - they are angels and have many resources to help navigate the roads of grief and forming a new life after loss. Anyone who has lost a loved one can rely on the angels at any hospice to help navigate the sensitive and emotional journey of death and dying.

Book two

Pages (Jade Robinson)

Jade deals with self-identity. She literally has to recreate her authentic self after a bumpy adolescence. She was put into the foster system at a young age and never even knew her birth name. Jade is caught up in the legal system (well, she's trying to avoid it, actually) and needs to reconcile her past life with her new, current one while avoiding the law. She did what she had to do to survive. Now she ponders old age and the challenges her mentors face. This came about naturally as I am dealing with patient advocacy issues for our seniors.

Book three

Canvas (Renee Murphy)

Renee's story centers on the foster system. After her stint as mayor of San Diego, she is persuaded to take in a foster child, an angry fifteen-year-old male, and is forced to fight against a court system that gives more rights to the biological parents (who abused him in the first place) than the children.

Voices for Children is an incredible organization I am proud to be affiliated with. I am a CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) for the children in the system. I am assigned a child (or siblings) and work within the court system to ensure everything is done for these kids in their best interest. The system is not perfect, but an organization like this one goes a long way to help getting these kids what they need.

(Books four, five, and six are still in the developmental stage. Keep checking back for updates!)