Jen is the main character introduced in the first book, Stitches. She is a recent widow who has done things perfectly and as expected her entire life.

She has a secret, and it's big.

Her life takes a complete turn, and she has to claw her way to success - on her own.

I see Annette Benning when I visualize Jen.

We meet Iris, a ninety-five year old socialite with tall tales and a wicked sense of humor, her friend Helen, who is demanding and has no sense of humor. Together they form a plan to thwart the man who has been abusing Lupe, the store manager.

Helen Hays would have played her perfectly!

Jade is a curiosity, a ragamuffin of sorts, who comes to work for Iris as her companion in Stitches. Two more different souls there never could be.  Jade is the main character in the soon to be released book Pages. Jade is not what she appears!

While this may be hard to see, Dakota Fanning kept cropping up when I wrote about Jade. But edgier.

Renee is Jen's best friend, and she happens to be mayor of San Diego who is stepping down. What happens to her occurs in Canvas, where she opens up a store in Heritage Art Park for painters.

Kathy Bates!

Suzanne is the high-flying, high-maintenance real estate mogul who has a dark past as well, as revealed in Stitches.

The other characters met in Stitches such as Bruce, Robert, Helen, all come in to play with the follow-up books after Stitches, tentatively called:

Pages - A writers' haven

This is Jade's story - her past is explored, and her future determined.

Canvas - For painters

This is Renee's story. What happens after you wind up a lifelong political career?

Blossoms -  A flower and ephemera shop

In the dream state at the moment.
Could be Suzanne, could be someone else we meet along the way.

Boxes -  A woodworking shop

At the moment this is Bruce's story, Jen's general contractor/love interest. Just to get a bit of testosterone...

Wind - An herbal and spiritual shop

Because Jen's housekeeper Chiouyu is just too interesting to let go.