Canvas is the continuing story of Renee Murphy, former mayor of San Diego.

Renee is Jen Conrad's best friend since the second grade. Jen and Renee laugh through difficult moments - and there are more than a few after Renee opens up Canvas, a painting store. Renee is looking to begin the second half of her life - her first challenge is to take in an angry 15-year-old boy foster child. She wants a life like everybody else, but how can she get past a scandalous past, and is it going to destroy her future?

Ultimately what Renee wants is for someone to love her; something she's never had. Abandoned by her mother, and pursuing a relationship she could never have, Renee has never had someone to cherish her.

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These are stories of fiction based on real women who have lived with grit and grace.

These are not stories of young women looking for the love of their lives, their life's passion, or someone to be their baby daddy, with bodice-ripping action and heart palpitations - does he love me, does he not?

No, these are stories of real women who have faced some of life's more serious situations with humor, with friendship, and with, dare I say it again, grit and grace.

Pages is the story of Jade Robinson, Iris's companion for the last year of her life.

Given a great gift by Iris, Jade finds herself responsible for Iris's legacy as well as several people. Jade's history comes to light, and it isn't pretty. She is hiding from people from whom she stole a great deal in her former life. Can she stop running long enough to trust others and begin a new, a real, life for herself?

Jade finds a new purpose through Iris's machinations from the grave.

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Heritage Art Park

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The Heritage Art Park Series was conceived one day when the author, San Diego native Kathy Weyer, traveled down to Heritage Park to spend an afternoon and learn more about her city's history.

What she found was a sad state of six Victorian houses, boarded up and abandoned in a quiet horsehoe-shaped community that had once housed our first sheriff, mayor, and civic leaders when San Diego was first formed.

"What would I do," she asked, "if I were in charge?" So she turned it into an art park, and Stitches, the first book of the series, was born. In a house modeled after the Christian house, she began the adventure of Jen Conrad and the Heritage Arts Park houses. There will be one book for each house.

In the first book in the Heritage Art Park series, we meet all the characters to follow in the next five books in Jen's shop, Stitches.

Raised by an imperious society mother and a superior court judge, Jen Conrad does everything exactly as expected. When her husband of 37 years dies, her best friend Renee convinces her to open a needlework shop in the new Heritage Art Park, and a group forms at the shop where Jen realizes life was not all as it seemed. She has a secret - and it's big. Not even her husband knew.

The family has always swept unpleasantries under the rug, and there are many. Enduring one too many insults from her father, Jen finally confronts her parents about The Incident, and discovers a sense of freedom - finally - to abandon the role she has played her entire life.

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